at the

Texas Troubadour Theatre

2416 Music Valley Drive

Nashville, TN. 37214


We are updating our shows for the 2018 season! Please come back and visit often to see when our shows are!

Thanks for Visiting with us.



Performing on the Music City Hayride Show are Indie Artist:

Allen Karl, Donna Cunningham, Randy Archer, Layne Smith,

Matt Boone, Leigh Anne Cooper, Dean Holmen, and Susan Reid Jones,

Richard White (emcee)

and the Music City Hayride Band

Dean Holmen and Juelane Porter are going to be on the Paul C. Jones

“Old Country Radio Show” on March 10, 2018



Music City Hayride appearing at the Fiddler’s Grove Opry, Wilson County Fair

Dean Holmen, Layne Smith, Juelane Porter, Jerry Schmitt


Guest Artist: Dianne Sherrill

also performing are:

Dean Holmen, Allen Karl, Donna Staten Cunningham, Vera Hutcherson, Mike Oldham and Russ Ritenour.


Music City Hayride is appearing at the Holder Fun Center Longest Day, “Strike Out ALZ” fundraiser.
Dean Holmen, Nikki Nelson, Barry Wayne ,
LaDonna Brewer-Capps and Juelane Porter




Guest Artist: Hawkshaw Hawkins Jr

also performing are:

Layne Smith, Blake Forrester, Pat Roden, Tom Holland, Nancy Liker and Dean Holmen